Segmentation Fault?

I recently installed a Sony DRU-710 DVD drive and NeroLINUX on a Dell workstation running RedHat Enterprise 3. The system is set up with 1G of Ram, 2G swap space, and a couple of large disk drives. I was able to burn a short (<1G) DVD to either DVD+R or DVD+RW media, but if I try to burn a full 4.2G DVD Nero crashes almost immediately with a segmentation fault error.

Curiously, I had tried earlier to do this same thing (4.2G DVD) using K3B, and found that using K3B I could burn the data to a DVD+RW, but that if I attempted to write to a DVD+R all I could do was make coasters. Examining the disk with K3B showed about a 1Meg track written, but nothing that could be mounted or read. The RW DVD had no problem with mounting or reading.

I am attempting to back up the root file system of my hard disk. I am excluding the /tmp and /var directories, as well as a couple of network-mounted file systems. Everything being backed up is local.

Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong here?


Is the segmentation fault happening when you start the burning process, or is it happening directly after you drag and dropped the file to your compilation editor ?

The segmentation fault occurs almost immediately upon starting the burn process. I can add and remove files in the compilation window all day long with no problem. I hit the burn button and within 15 seconds or so the entire GUI disappears and the window where I started Nero shows the segmentation fault. I believe that I once saw
a pointer error of some sort, but have not been able to reproduce/document that error. Late yesterday I succeeded in burning just the /usr directory, a little bit over 3G, with no particular problem (except that it seemed very slow, but no experience to compare to). The disk is readable and Nero did not report any errors. I am going to try recording the balance in a second session, and see if two smaller sessions will work where one large one fails. May not be enough room with the multisession overhead, however.

same here doobs. gentoo linux on an amd64. i actually had it crash once in the gui when i dragged and dropped the files. that is the first segfault error. the next 2 are my attempts to get it to burn. again it crashes quick after i click “burn”.
im pretty sure the opcode is not nero related but thought i would include it just in case.

let me know if you need detailed system specs.

here is the syslog messages:
May 5 00:01:13 [kernel] scsi: unknown opcode 0xdf
May 5 00:03:27 [kernel] nero[11396]: segfault at 00000000000e0876 rip 0000000008768f4d rsp 00000000ffffc93c error 6
May 5 00:06:22 [kernel] nero[11416]: segfault at 0000000000000000 rip 000000005619763c rsp 000000005a2f9f34 error 4
May 5 00:07:25 [kernel] nero[11428]: segfault at 0000000000000000 rip 000000005619763c rsp 000000005a2f9f34 error 4

also, i can burn a cd, this only happens when im trying to burn a dvd.