Sega scores in the race against piracy

I just posted the article Sega scores in the race against piracy.

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Unfortunately we have lost another great site to the enforcers of copyrights. A great and well respected site for DreamCast ISOs has been shut…

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Well, I dont care it that much, their r still plenty of ISOs arround on mIRC! mIRC ROX MAN!! (DC 2 BTW)

mIRC sux, FTP roelz! continuesly 160 k/s on cable? no problem with a ftp…


It’s just like flies, you kill one of them, and five come back to irritate you …

It’s the same story with all Warez -Mp3 - Movie, etc sites. We’ll allways find another place to dld our favorite shit.

BSA/Sega/MS will never win !

Pfff… U don’t know a f*cking thing about internet ]Q[ !

mIRC is a program to be ON the IRC.
FTP, HTTP and NEWSGROUPS are the 3 ways to get stuff on the internet.

I personally prefer FTP because of the speeds and simplicity.

It has to be: FTP, HTTP and NEWSGROUPS are the 3 ways to get stuff FROM the internet.

Why the fuck is everyone argueing about what the best way to get software/mp3/games??? There is only one best way to get it. The FREE way and any way which gets it that way is the best way. I think it’s a case of Chill Pill’s all around that are needed.

I prefer FTP, lotsa faster. HTTP sucks because you don’t get this much, NEWSGROUPS suck because all the files are splitted (in files of 500 k or something like that) and mIRC sucks because they usually have those slow bots (20/25 k a second, much too slow for me, i prefer 160 k/s continuesly )

Does anybody know a good FTP server with lots of Iso’s ??

pff u r all a bunsh of dipshits… mIRC ROX and if u dont know how to use it, ur simply a weenee! OK, MAYBE a ftp is easier, but can u find those as easy as u can find things on mIRC? The answer is NO! AND what is the place where u can get the most ftp adresses that DO work? mIRC!

altenative side for dciso’s is a great side for sega stuff!

Damnit [Q] MIRC IS A PROGRAM! The IRC is the channel('s) where you can get them!

Does anyone know a good and fast ftp site. I want movies, iso, mp3,…

Fuck FTP !
iRC roels !

i’M iRCL33T

Let’s just cut the crap…

Internet rules…

=sPiNe= u fucking biatch.

We all know 90% or more of all internet resources is just plain crap.

No listen to this: Computing roxx!!

PaThFiNdEr, It has to be: FTP, HTTP, IRC and NEWS are 4 ways to get stuff FROM the internet. There IS other ways my man… Though most is not interesting (e.g. Gopher etc.)


Why don’t you just cut your connection to the internet and go jerk some more…