Sega Saturn: Worldwide Soccer Int. Victory Goal Edition1995



Worldwide Soccer - Sega International Victory Goal Edition from 1995

I can’t get the disc to read anymore, I just wanted to rip the CD Audio tracks off of it cause I like the music. It plays a little but skips in my home stereo. If anyone has this game and can help a brother out, please PM me. :iagree:

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DJ Mind

Pics of the game:


Thanks to whoever moved the post :), I was not sure where to post it as I don’t hear much about Sega Saturn on the forum.

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DJ Mind


I guess that is because it’s not a much used console anymore :slight_smile:

What’s the layout of these Saturn discs? Are they perhaps multisession discs with the first session containing the audio tracks?


I think the audio is on either the 1st or the 2nd session, I know that I could play the disc in a home/car stereo and there were several audio tracks, then one with just noise (I assume the noise was the game data.)


All SEGA Saturn discs have one session, with track 01 (and sometimes #02 as well, like in Christmas NiGHTS) being a data track, and all otehrs afterwards being CD-DA audio that can be played in any standard audio CD player. The aduio can be ripped with any ripping software. I personally prefer Exact Audio Copy since 2002, as it does the best job at audio ripping overall. It helps get through scratches without much trouble.