Sega Saturn copy protection broken after 20 years – CD copy protection still remains mystery



We’ve just posted the following news: Sega Saturn copy protection broken after 20 years – CD copy protection still remains mystery[newsimage][/newsimage]

The copy protection of the CD based Sega Saturn game console has finally been cracked. After more than 20 years after the launch of the console, the security researcher Dr. Abrasive found a way to run his own software on the game computer.

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It might be twenty years on but it’s amazing what comes out of these sorts of things sometimes, as it may randomly give clues to cracking other protection technology that perhaps wouldn’t have been thought of otherwise.



News? I guess, but in all honesty, being that the Sega Saturn is an old console, I can’t see why anyone would be opposed to open it and use a mod-chip to circumvent the protection. It’s not like you’re invalidating your warranty now, is it? :bigsmile:

The system lost to Sony’s Playstation and was only available for nearly four years (late 1994-1998) and can be played through the Yabause, Satourne and other emulators today. In light of this, I think the incentive to crack the old wobble protection is more or less gone and so it will be allowed to continue to be one of the uncracked protections.


Yeah, well not all that impressive… it would have been impressive it were a FULL crack… but they claim you can’t even run copied discs… all this alleged crack does is allow the console to play and load regular discs’ info… the wobble protection was similar to holes placed in magnetic media to detect an original copy. Today copy protections are so far embedded up software’s a** you need forensic crackers with almost super computers and ELITE skillsets similar to the developers to crack. Better energies would be expended on the modern stuff…

This is similar to discovering bluebox in the days of virtually free calling around the world with the internets…