Sega saturn back up cracked. tested and working

:cool: ok everybody not to put down the dreaded saturn ring or, whether or not it can be read or copied. But if you want to play back-up copy’s of your saturn games do the following:

  1. Turn your saturn over and remove all the screws. If you have a model 1, you have 4 screws(oval power and reset button). If you have a model 2, you have 5 screws(round buttons).

  2. Find the stem or mechanism that connects to your lid and tells your machine if the lid is closed or open. Tape the button down so that the saturn thinks that the lid is down all the time.

  3. Now, for copying your game there are many programs for doing the job. Don’t worry about reading or copying the outer layer(the dreaded saturn ring). Any one of these programs should work: Alcohol 120%, Clonecd. I use
    alcohol 120% or Nero 6. Select cd copy to copy the entire disc. Select or deselect copy on the fly. I don’t think it matters.

  4. Put in your original game. Wait for the game to boot before the “press start” screen. Stop the disc and insert your back-up. The game doesn’t skip a beat and should boot like normal. I haven’t tested this method on many games except Virtual Fighter 2 but it is tested and it does work. so try it out and let me know how it works for you.

Firstly, everyone threw out there sega saturn 2 years ago,
Secondly, a bit late. :smiley:

But good stuff anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

where did these threads come somebody cares around 6,000 if your not worried about
the saturn then this guide wasn’t for you

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i havent played sega saturn before, but i am really too late, don`t know if it was fun to play but missed it.
anyways, this post can be usefull for those who still owns a sega saturn.

Good work. I do not own a Sega Saturn but this may intice me to do so:D

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JTech I just want you to know your work helped someone out…me! I have all these new gen sysytems and a few months ago bought a saturn off ebay just to play one stinking game that I played all of 5 minutes…now I’m seeing tons of backups and had no idea how to play them. Whether I needed a chip or firmware hack…yada yada yada Anyway I see some jack-ass giving you a hard time over this thread, so I had to register just to

  1. Say thanks
  2. Let people know all knowledge is usefull no matter when it’s delivered
  3. Even though I bought a saturn 11 years late I’m not the only one, I know this because I was in a biding war on ebay to get this thing, so there may be at least four other people reading this now and finding it helpfull.

Thanks again

Same here. I don’t like thread rezing but this is worth it.

You helped me out a bunch there. I’m going to go grab that Saturn that’s been sitting at the game store on the shelf, gathering dust, for nearly a year.

hi jtech,
i don’t know if anyone comes here anymore and this thread is years old at this point but, even now in distant 2008, i send you a message of thanks for the GREAT tip. i am a loooooong time saturn fan and this is cool. thanks!