Sega is creating games for the Net

I just posted the article Sega is creating games for the Net….

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Some console news…

Sega is searching for new ways to increase their market value, because the Sony Playstation is becoming the absolute market leader…

Sega is looking to…

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Sega i ahead on every thing as usual but for some kind of reason they always the loose…

Personally, I always loved Sega more than anything else…

The Genesis was on many point better than the Snes.
Anyone remember the MortalKombat 1 issue about the Gore Mode ?

Ok, after, the Snes won it all. (FinalFantasy, FinalFight, StreetFighter, Secret of Mana etc…)

But after that era, Sony came up… with the PSX.
I was big for Sony then, because nothing else was worthin it. (Saturn was not available anymore and N64 sux. for too little good game.)

Then the DreamCast arrived and later the PS2, I would have got the PS2, but as everyone knows : memory card problems in Japan, HUGE Shortage…

At the same time I was wondering about the DreamCast, I felt that Sega could not do any other wrong step.

Now, I got a DreamCast and i say : fuck the PS2 (Unreal Tournament without Network MODE !!!) …

I think Sega is going back to glory. The real test will be when the Ps2 will be fully shipped (couple of semesters ??)


And i forgot one new comer,
the XBox with Mikro$hit…

I prefer not to say what i think about them…


Nothing to add.
Fixx got it right.


“Sonic 1”, “Sonic 2”, “Sonic 3”, “Sonic & Knucles”, “Sonic 2+ Sonic & Knucles” and “Sonic 3 + Sonic & Knucles” were, are, and will be the best games I’ve always played: I will love MegaDrive (Genesis) for evere.

I think that the X box will end up taking over the market share of most game systems. As it is basically a mini computer running on a small kernel it could probably play PS2 games.

I’m interested in the ability to take it anywhere and hook it up to a TV. Then you could code some software for it and hack from anywhere.

I’m just wondering if Space Harrier is already released on the DreamCast… That would make me buy one!

ok, but the best multiplayer games will always be pc ones.

the great thing about the pc is that it can be programmed by a novice, so many more great ideas become real programs, whereas on the consoles you have to be famous and a member of a large co to make them, restricting range