Sega GT?!

I recently got an image of Sega GT for PC (bin/cue) and it burned fine although I have a problem:

When I install the game with CD 1 everything is fine and the game starts, I am then asked for CD 2 as this is required to play the game but when I put the disk in I am unable to start! when I had burned CD 2 it said that it was about 460 mb in size but after I check the properties of the CD in Windows it says the size is
32 k!!! so there is obviously a problem somewhere.

I just wondered if anyone had the same problem. I woul d like to get the game running as it is not scheduled for a US/EURO release (the version I have is JAP I think)

I know this problem is definitly NOT to do with any cracks etc that are required.

Thanks in advance

I’m guessing here:

Have you by any change burned the CUE with CDRWin? This program has the nasty habit of producing coasters (empty discs) when a ‘stolen’ serial has been used…

CD2 contains only wav files and a little datafile.
That’s the reason, windows properties give you in-accurate information about discsize.
A better way to do is to put your cd in burner and then ask for cd propierty’s. You will get a value for written sectors, multiply this with 2352/2048 and there you are…