SeeReal Technologies previews holographic display

I just posted the article SeeReal Technologies previews holographic display.

Until now, there have been some real limitations that kept 3-D from jumping out of our computer screens. First, display resolution for the imaging is 250,000 times that of HDTV, and second,…

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Hello? Why the heck did Hairy McFisty post this? This has absolutely nothing to do with CDs, DVDs, storage mediums of any type, etc. This is vaporwear for display technology. No physical product produced. No connection to storage technologies. Nothing. How about next week you give us the press release from Timex talking about their newest 32-motions watch… or Wendy’s coming out the 5-layer burger?

Always good to know rather than being in dark ignorance like dark tower. If you like burgers, dude go to ( This site is kool, not only u get info concerning dvds/cds but also interesting news like “holography display” Nice info chas0039

Guess you fail to see how you made my own point within your reply, Light. If I wanted to read about Wendy’s burgers, I would go to a burger related site – just as you suggested. It’s a fairly assured guess that I do read through more technology aggregate sites than you, and do not choose to remain ignorant of current and future products. But, I look for those sort of things in appropriate locations. Want a comprehensive site for all kinds of new technologies, (and it’s quite similar to this board) then go to . Or, choose any of the dozens of others that specifically discuss these types of technologies. Meanwhile, look at the top of this webpage – it says “Digital storage community”, and therefore should be limited to those themes. That’s why there are reviews about burners, players, tape units, disc mediums, etc., but had you not noticed there aren’t reviews of the latest and greatest laptops by Dell, the expensive gamer keyboards from Microsoft, or even (as I sarcastically suggested) watches or hamburgers. It’s all about appropriateness of the news gathered into one location. You want ‘kool’ information? Does it need to be ‘l8’? Dude! Learn to use the internet, and (like I do) hope that the specific sites stay on subject. I do not want to read the next news article and find out that cdfreaks is discussing which of the Democratic nominees supports abortions blah blah blah.

Mmm… burgers. :slight_smile:

Honestly, I think the news article is appropriate since holographic displays will probably require holographic storage mediums to hold all the information. It may be a little off topic but since the news articles here have been scare lately, thats probably why this article was posted.

I was glad to read of it, and Holographic storage is often being talked about here. Progression in holographic displays is vaguely related.

Dark Tower, Mite we would need a high capacity storage medium(hddvd/ bluray or woteva) to hold all those bytes and hence as noted on the above post this info is more so ok to be uploaded here. Since u seem to be a smartass on internet (as u have auto boasted urself :+ ) why dont u look elsewhere and stop making sarcastic comments on others. At least this guy took the time to look and upload this information (n yea it is relevent to this site). If you want specific information use ur smartass brain, look in the review section not here. For now why dont u just grab a burger (Just to make u stop talking shit) :d Cheers