Seems that tw 45 is



Giving us some bad releases?

The word is that there are many bad releases, are you also that lucky?

The games aren't that good, only Superbike2000 and the sims.

I spoke to tl-crew about making a 3 cd-box,
that's out of the question for now they said. better luck next time



Yep, you are right RN8
Where is the time that the TL were full of nice gamez & appz.
They are falling back.

They are (were) the most known warez cd, but the quality of what’s on it wasn’t always that good, I hope to see it otherwise in the near future.

Otherwise, we will have to look for other alternatives


twilight blijft veeeeel beter dan grazybytes !! de laatstes vielen tegen maar ze blijven toch beter

Only English here, so a little translation
Twilight is still much better than crazybytes!! but the latest weren’t that good but they are still better than CB

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Warez suck in general, so if you put a lot of warez, wich suck, on two cd’s…you’ll get two cd’s that suck very much =)

But gotta agree, I looked at the latest list and to be honest it’s just crap…44 wasn’t that much, but 45 is just worse…


I agree with the Mystic. Why not find a good cheat dealer and buy those games/proggies you really need or want. It’s probably cheaper, but at least you’ll be beter of this way.
Ever tried playing a game like the ripped version of Sanitarium… The original contains about 1.5G of movie cuts. In the ripped version you just have to guess what happend in those scenes…

Nuff said.

PsYcHo DaD


I agree i have been 2 a load of sites and downloaded ripped games but they suck! They take up loads of Hard disk space & if u burn a ripped game 2 a CD (like RE-VOLT for instance) it takes an eternaty 2 load, and also theyusually have tons of stuff missing like music, movie clips & if it’s a sport game normally the comentary is missing. I am trying 2 find a site that will swap ISO games.


Ch5 Micky

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ch 5 Micky,

For swapping iso’s go to me other friends,

furthermore i agree with the people who said that everyone should buy org games instead of a twilight, but i’m using tw only for resale. I’m more interested in the programs on that cd.


Ps i sure hope tw is putting more time into quyality then quantity.


it is true,the twilights are not that good any more,but what can i do
no cabel in my hometown yet and leeching iso’s
over an 56.6k modem isn’t possible
it’s cheaper to by an original at the shop

so i will stay with the tw disks till cabel arrives and then bye bye and let the iso’s come


Hi R-N, Thanx for the info, i am already a member of ‘dff’. However a quick question 2 u. When i post messages on their forum and i check my own profile, when i look at the ‘current e-mail address’ it says not available but when i edited my profile i had the make e-mail address viewable when posting selected to yes. What’s going on? Please can u shed some light on this R-N. Thanx.


Ch5 Micky


There are some problems with the board, that should be fixed in the near future.

Things are a little slow right now.