Seems that all the store dvd's are made in Taiwan

I have read that companies like TDK, Memorex, and Verbatim will all use media from different sources and that the Taiwanese stuff is generally 2nd rate…Japanese is the one we want.

All of the aforementioned discs that I find locally are the Taiwanese stuff. No need to pay $1/disc for questionable quality. I can do that for .60/disc unless I am missing something here.

Guess I need to explore mail order but thats a pain if the media does not pan out.

You can buy Maxell 4x from Walmart…or Fuji 4x jewels (TY) from Office Max (check labels). I think Best Buy also has some Japanese Fuji’s hanging around. Walgreens also has Maxell’s. I hear Office Depot has some good media as well as Frys. Some have mentioned they bought Maxell’s at Staples…but I have yet to find them.

Office depot has Maxell 4x-R in spindles of 15. Once a month or so they will be on sale 2-for-1. They also sell Verbatim made in Singapore which is good.
All Fuji 5 and 10-packs of 4x-R should say made in Japan and be TY. is an excellent source of TY + and -