Seem this guy roaming around?

see this guy roaming around ? hit him hard…


i just don’t understand …all those cars and noone but that guy and the camera dude are out and about?

There is nothing worse than a thief. To lazy to work, would rather steal what someone else worked hard to get. If I had the oppertunity I would do more than just hit him!

This isn’t exactly News, so I moved it to the Entertainment Forum. :slight_smile:

True, this is an old clip…seen it a long time ago already…

I hadn’t seen it, but it was disturbing nonetheless. This looked like this had to be in some kind of major metropolitan area, so I cannot imagine some passerby not hearing the noise from shattering windows and not seeing someone filming another breaking into cars. :eek: Either the guy staked out this place for a long time and knew about when people generally wouldn’t be out, or what’s the worse thought is that some people did see him, but did not call the police because they didn’t think it was odd.

WOw…this guy is an asshole!!! Shit…I Want to take his stupid hair pick and prick his eyes out. That poor bastard!