Seeking validation software for iTunes CD burning



Hello. This is my first post to the CD Freaks forum. I am starting a major project to convert vinyl LPs to CDs and need help with one particular aspect.

Background: I am using Magix Audio Cleaning software and a Xitel Inport to digitize the analog music from the records and clean up the .WAV files. When I’m done with this process, I get a nice clean .WAV file in standard 16-bit, 44KHz format ready to burn on a CD. I am using iTunes to burn the CD because I’m also going to store the music in iTunes as a digital jukebox hooked up to my home sound system.

Advice I need: Does anyone know of a tool that will compare the CD I burn with iTunes to the original .WAV files to verify that every byte of every file has been burned to the CD correctly? Some of my discs burn OK, but others don’t. Rather than listening to the entire CD, I would like to find a software tool that will simply extract the audio files from the burned disc and compare them to the source .WAV files I made. Any advice would be helpful!

Also, if you are interested in Magix Audio Cleaning, I can provide advice on that too. Thanks, KDL.


If that’s the only reason you’re using iTunes to burn, it’s time to switch burning programs. Nero, ImgBurn and a host of others will allow you to verify the data on your disk. You can still import them into iTunes.


Just registered on cdfreaks for the sole purpose of finding the simplest & quickest way to burn tons of vinyl onto my mac. I have Itunes & garageband. Hated the Ion turntables, they were a pain in the butt. I had a program on my PC in the early days that was absolutely beautiful. It was simple, sounded great, etc. (similar to garageband, appearance-wise). Then I had my computer worked on & lost the program. Can’t remember the name either. What’s the simplest & best? And can I clean up the sound, etc.? So far I’ve seen Sound Card, Cool edit pro (adobe encore), goldwave, wavepurity, & nero. Too many choices. Help!


Hi and Welcome!

you might have a look at Audacity.

It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems



If you want to tweak the sound, I’d recommend Magix Audio Cleaning. Not sure if there is a Mac version, but on my PC it gives me a lot of control over the sound quality. It also has defaults for quick capture and cleaning, but I prefer the ability to customize each track.