Seeking Tips on using Sony's Sonicstage for NetMDs

Hi, I just recently got a NetMD, the MZ-N910. The thing works great, but when it came to the software, it purely goes down the drain.

Everything from having to first convert it to a temporary library on my HDD and only then can I send it to my MD, having to limit myself to a checkout system that only allows me to send a certain file in the library to the MD 3 times before I have to either delete the converted file and reconvert it or check some of the files back in, and lastly a bad naming system that doesn’t rename the files by itself and requires me to do it manually most of the time, especially foreign downloaded music (why couldnt they just make everything in front of the dash “-” the artist and everything in the back of it the song title.

So I’m here to ask people who have a NetMD or even just read stuff on it to share their tips on making it easier to use. It’s been out for awhile so I’m sure there are people pretty experienced with it.

Thanks in advance

Everything you’ll ever need to know about it

Alright, cool, thnx.