Seeking software to enable backup of files to a DVD in Windows XP

I have a PC running Windows XP Professional with thousands of [mostly small] text and data files that I need to backup to a DVD+R once every few months. Nothing fancy, just a straight forward backup of selected folders and files so that five years from now, I can take the DVD, and look at the files on a totally different PC. The backup process doesn’t need to be encrypted, automated, or anything else. The PC has an internal I/O Magic 18X DVD Drive #IDVD18DLS and I’ve bought some DVD+R’s to copy on. I have read several places that Windows XP does not support dragging and dropping to a DVD drive and that I need to buy third-party software to do that. Can you give me one or two options for the simplest and most reliable software that would allow me to copy these files to a DVD+R? Hopefully that doesn’t involve buying some bloated “suite” software. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. P.S. I did a search of this forum, going back a couple of years, but couldn’t find the answer.


There are several free burning programs that can do this for you.

ImgBurn or CDBurnerXP would be two that I can remember off the top of my head.

I use ImgBurn for most of my burning chores these days. To burn your files, just click on Write Files/Folders to a disc, then once the program window opens, go to Output and click on Device. This will send the files you add straight to the blank disk when you start the burn.

I’ve included an image of the controls in this mode (Build Mode), showing where to click to add files or folders.

You can find it here:

Here are some guides for Imgburn.

Thanks for the replies so far from Whappo and Kerry56. I see from a quick glance at the imbgurn website that the build option permits either “Create an image file from files on your computer or network - or you can write the files directly to a disc.” If I intend to copy only text and data files, and not any system files or program settings, is there any reason I would want to use the “image” option? Is one of the two methods inherently more accurate than the other? Would one of the two methods make it easier to retrieve a file five years hence? Thanks in advance for any clarification.


For your purposes I wouldn’t worry about iso (image file) just choose the “Write files/folders to disk”.

Don’t forget to use good quality media like Tayio Yuden.

Whoops! I got Verbatim which had a lot of very good reviews and a very cheap price at Hopefully I won’t end up being sorry for my penny pinching ways.

[QUOTE=Tschurin;2229442]Whoops! I got Verbatim which had a lot of very good reviews and a very cheap price at Hopefully I won’t end up being sorry for my penny pinching ways.[/QUOTE]

Verbatim MIT (made in Taiwan) are very good disks, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad burn.

My Verbatim disks didn’t go to MIT; they probably just graduated from high school. They’re just plain old “Verbatim.”

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