Seeking recs for an external DVD burner - priority: hassle-free

I’m looking for an external DVD burner to take on a long-term overseas assignment. I will use it to back up data, as an adjunct to an external hard drive.

Top priority - reliability and hassle-free operation. A “slim” design would be nice but not essential.

Lesser priorities - speed, the latest bells & whistles, price.

I have thought about buying a top-rated internal drive and an external enclosure, but for this purpose, I’d rather have an ordinary external burner. One reason is support - If I ever have any questions, I don’t want a support department to weasel out of answering them by blaming the problem on another component. I know they’d try that anyway, but at least it gives me a fighting chance.

Price is not a top priority although of course I want it to be within reason. Wouldn’t mind last week’s technology instead of next week’s, if the basic functionality is there.

I have a Plextor external CD burner that has always worked smoothly and efficiently without hassling me for attention. I bought it because at the time I was told it was the top brand. I would get a Plextor again, but since I don’t see it mentioned here as often as other brands, I wanted to get opinions and other recommendations.

I will be ordering within the next week - and would really appreciate any help and buying tips about the brand and features I should look for.


plextor is a great brand name with a good rep, some will argue weather the bang is worth the buck. for data backup only, you could go cheaper and get a rebadged benq, nec, or anything and probably be fine if you use quality media.

if for only data backup, on quality media, almost any resprected burner here will do the same for you here, we get geeked about tweaks that make drives better rippers or burners for backing up movies and game disks, but for your personal data, any decent drive can haul that load…again…on quality media…:slight_smile:

and if it’s word documents and the such…depending on your needs…you very well may be better served with a tumb drive…:slight_smile:

Thanks zigzagman!

I think tweaking to optimize performance is great! But you understand my position well, it seems. Right now I just need something I can plug in and count on to work.

You assumed correctly that most of the stuff I back up is in Word, or actually other Office data too, because I also work a lot with Excel and Powerpoint. A thumb drive is a good idea but I had a bad experience with one back when they were new on the market and it left me suspicious about their reliability. I know that’s not very rational, but I’d still rather just burn everything to disks. In fact, experience has taught me to be a little overly-cautious, and I always make 3 backups of everything.

I don’t think I have time to do a long hunt for rebadged models under other brand names, but browsing through the site today I realize that NEC and Benq are the top names for internal drives, and I will check out to see if they have external models as well.

I’m sure there is lots of discussion here about recommended media, so instead of asking for specific recs, I’ll browse the forums.

Thanks for the guidance, you helped point me in the right direction!

welcome hoss…glad to have been of help…:slight_smile:

I would have chosen the Liteon 1693SX. The internal is very reliable and the external should be just as good. With the knowledge I have picked up here, I would make my own with the enclosure here:

A “regular”, reliable, good external burner:

A superslim, USB powered external burner: