Seeking recommendation for all-in-one direct cd/dvd printing

This forum seems to be a great place full of knowledgeable people willing to help out, thanks for all the help so far. Okay enough sucking up :slight_smile: … I am seeking an all-in-one direct cd/dvd printer. An all-in-one may not be the best choice but I need a copier, scanner, fax and printer and I don’t have the room for them all. It is important for the printer to be “non-frustrating”. Constant paper jams or ink issues are a definite no-no. I use the printer sporadicly. It might sit for a week and then get used decently and then sit again. I have searched the forum and there have been a few helpful articles but many are older and do not include some newer printers. I was eye-ing the epson artisian 800 but I am concerned about the reports that it sucks up tons of ink, has quality issues and uses hoses to deliver the ink.

Thanks in advance.

There’s a number of threads in here on the same topic. If you’re willing to do a little fiddling with it, a Canon will print discs. Otherwise you’re pretty much limited to an Epson in the USA. NewEgg still has refurb MP530 for $55, which is a no-risk choice. the ink that comes with it is worth more than that. But you do have to buy a disc tray and fiddle with the printer’s settings to enable disc printing.

I hope this would help

It’s not all-in-one, but R280. However, you will see how it works anyway.

Just noticed your post so I joined. I too need to find those “other threads”. I currently have an Epson Artisan 800 and love it but the ink usage is so high I may be returning it. (cd/dvd printing looks great). I am also looking at a canon mp980-also wireless-scan print copy (no fax). has great deal on it also.

also HP Photosmart Premium Fax also had print to cd/dvd