Seeking Modern Disk Doctor Like Programs



I would ask if others are familiar with applications similar to Norton Disk Doctor. In older days I used Norton Disk Doctor and it seemed very capable. I have tried Norton Utilities 15 but Disk Doctor in that seems lacking in features and ease of use compared to older. I have no confidence in its performance or completeness.

So I would seek to find good program that would do well like Norton used to do. Is Windows 7 with built in tools for error checking sufficient in comparison or are there programs that do a better job in things that Disk Doctor used to do?

Thank you


Win7 has, besides chkdisk, defrag and cleandisk, a command prompt system files checker/repair. Type cmd in start menu, open as administrator and type inside:
sfc /scannow
In a few minutes it will check/repair any corrupted system files it finds.
Otherwise, try the Yamicsoft Windows 7 Manager or something similar, to juggle your options.


To test a disk in my opinion is better to use the official tool provided by each manufacturer. These should be better than any generic software :slight_smile:


Sub, as we left for vacation, we left behind Western Digital’s DIAGS on a “Write Zeros Full Test” on a 2Tb drive that had data-corrupt errors.

(“Gee - y’mean throwing it out the 10-story window and watching it bounce down building walls like a Peter Jackson Kong cartoon is BAD?!!”)

The WDDiags said, “5600 hours left…”

“Wait, no…it’s 6200 hours remaining…”


That was Day 1-2-3. It was still on 2% completed when we left. We’ll be back in 6 weeks and see how it is! But, uh, 5000 hours remaining is, uh, (quick calc!) 203 days. Hmmm… believe me, the drive isn’t worth HALF that wait!

Previously, I’d done HDDGuru’s “full blown” version ($3.30 is the difference between ‘free’ and ‘full’) and after 12 days, it was still at 88% done. I pulled the plug after it sat there for 2 more days, and decided to look at WD’s own product.

“Surely, it’s faster!” ha ha… NO. “How many 24-hour segments are in 5700?”

We have the lastest copy of Gibson’s normally excellent SPIN DISK (version 6) but it’s from 2004. “Surely, disk drive tech has changed too much for it to be effective still…”

That’s my thought. If we get back and the WDDiag’s hasn’t completed, then maybe 2004’s SPIN DISK will get it’s shot.

I mention all of these because of the exact opposite thought: maybe drives have now become so standardized that no one manufacturer’s software is “different” at all. Not just “better”, but perhaps not different. They just refuse to work with other brands because that’s a hard-coded checkpoint, perhaps.

Why would this be correct?

Well, on the WDDiag opening page, we see umpteen WD Hard Disk varieties. Two dozen? Plus “Legacy Drives” that opens up sub-pages of more and more.

Yet WDDiags is used on all of those.

Gee - all those different WD drives and the same software can handle all of them? How convenient!!

The thing is - WDDiags can run from a floppy. So this is NOT a mega-sized program. It’s an assembly-level core program - tiny. And apparently effective, according to WD.

Maxtor had a similar one. Quantum, too. Seagate (in all of its various forms). IBM-Hitachi.

All of their diag programs appear to use the same version-level on all of their individual HDDs despite each manufacturer having a dozen or more ‘supported models’, some over a decade old.

This makes me think, “Maybe the drive tech really IS nearly the same - at least within one name-brand…”

HDDGURU seems to have an on-line reputation that’s as high as Steve Gibson’s SPIN DISK. But do they really ‘fix’ anything? How can they operate across ALL HDDs? How can Acronis - a much bigger name - also claim this IF HDDs are truly different from each other?

And finally, I wonder, “Can a ‘low level format’ really exist or has a drive’s mechanics ruled that out?”

HDDGuru’s price - $3.30 for a home-use license! - cannot be making them kajillionaires. So, if they’re scammin’ folks with a do-nothing piece of software, they aren’t financing annual Mercedez off of it!

In short - I DON’T KNOW and I’m not sure what our results from this one errant WD hard-drive will be. It was moved from one PC case to another, and then started notifying us of data-corruption errors.

I didn’t drive it thru the car-wash. I didn’t use it for a peanut-butter spreader. OR a salsa mix. It wasn’t dropped. But something obviously injured it. Or else its new motherboard (which was identical from the other case!) just didn’t like it.

Obviously something happened.

Now, will any software salvage the drive (not the data - we nixed that) And how will I know until I load it up to 60% again and try to re-retrieve that data?

Only 5700 hours to know!! I’m sure you’ll hold yer breath just like I am!