Seeking help trying to make song need software!



i want to make a song but i need the software i need the names of them please ill pirchase them. I need the name of something that records long cause my windows xp pro sound recorder lasts for 1 minute and i need a software name to make beats and stuff like that please help :smiley:


For the basic recording (and some multitracking) - can’t grumble about the price (free)

Trying to think of some “sample sequencers”, but not really my field … something like EJAY, perhaps?

You could try - but perhaps better not - the guy is a legend in his own mind!


I agree with Audacity. But Ale no to Ejay. Get Fruity Loops. Take some tutorials. Once you know how to do it you will create awesome beats and loops. Oh btw it is Techno Ejay and Dance Ejay. Techno Ejay/ Dance Ejay are really for noobs. Anyways try Ejay if you want but Fruity loops offers more.


“sound recorder lasts a minute” Does that mean you’ve filled your H DRV up that quick? If that’s a prob then a hardware sampler is the way to go. They’re dirt cheap these days and an akai S2000 does amazing things and can be interfaced via midi which takes no computing power at all, hardly. The rolls royce s5000/6000 interfaces via USB. This the pro way to build good tracks, dance or otherwise. Any M.I.D.I sequencer’ll fly it. Say what you think. regards P.S


“Reason” is the flavour of the moment, by the way.