Seeking expert advise

Hello all, I am new here to these boards. I’ve recently been trading dave matthews band concerts with fellow fans and I’m now running into trouble with storage. Most of the concerts are 3 discs a piece. I’ve got three questions.

  1. All of my discs are burned on 80 min Imation (CMC) discs. I want my stuff to last as long as possible. I take maticulus care of all my cds, but I especially want to make sure these things last because you cant go out and simply buy new ones. Should I re burn all of these onto some other brand of discs to ensure max life?

  2. What is the best way to store cdrs to ensure max life. Right now I have them all in a cd binder type thing, but I was thinking about going to jewel cases because the binder requires you to slide them in and out possibly resulting in very small scratches. Is it possible that a binder could eventually lower the lifespan of the cds?

  3. Could there possibly be any other form of mass storage other than cdr that would be better (hard drive, minidisc etc)?

Think a good quality CD lasts longer than any digital storage media…

For tips on good media you can read the many threads on this in our CD-R(W) Media forum.

Don’t know about copyrights, but in practically all cases songs are copyrighted and you are not allowed to have them without paying the copyrights, for example by owning the original discs (please keep this forum clean of illegal activities)

Some bands (Grateful Dead for instance, if I’m not mistaken), allow fans to trade recordings of live performances. If DMB does, go ahead, but if not you’d better ph34rz0r the Taxman…

Anyway, a 16x CMC Imations I burned about two months ago is already showing a bit of yellow on Scandisc, but the 32x Imations, kHypermedias, and Spin-X’s (all CMC’s) I have are all doing very well. You should download CD Speed and test your collection for damaged and/or unreadable sectors, and reburn if you need to.

The best place to store CD’s is of course a cool, dry, dark place. I’d assume that a jewel case would minimize scratches, but if your wallet is soft then the scratches might never amount to anything unreadable.

A BIG problem I had with a wallet is when the CD’s are exposed and touching each other label-side-to-label-side. My precious MDFMK CD actually got a chip of the metal worn off, and now I have a holey CD forever. :frowning:

All in all just keep them out of sunlight and don’t let em rub on anything abrasive.

To answer your last question, CD-R’s are so cheap that I think it wouldn’t make sense to use anything else.

Check this thread. If preservation is the highest goal you could try the solution mentioned in this thread. (When you are writing .wav’s to a data-cd, extra errorprotection (compared to an audio-cd) is used so your music is better protected.)

Thanks for all that help, it was very useful. Oh, dont worry, DMB has a very good taping policy which allows anyone to tape a concert and trade it, as long as there is no money involved. There is a huge DMB trading community out there with hundreds of shows in circulation. There is nothing illegal about it. Well thanks again, its a big help.