Seeking DVD burner compatible w/HP dvd1040i

I replaced a HP Writer 640b, w/a HP dvd1040i 20x Super Multiformat DVD Writer, internal, PATA, it lasted about a week, is was for computer model Pavilion a1130n, wondering if there is another brand or model that is more dependable, this is my first post and should have came here first. Your thoughts on a model that is for lack of better words, “better”…

For PATA, at the moment I’d recommend the Pioneer 115D - assuming a great burner is all you’re looking for, not disc quality scanning/LightScribe features etc.

Pioneer (along with LG) make dependable drives IMO, however the latest LG I’ve tried and like is the H62N, which is SATA. :wink:

BTW, welcome to CDF :wink:

ty for the fast responce and the welcome to the site greeting, I should have mentioned the 2 things most important to me for a burner is dependability and the LightScribe feature, other then that, I see no other issues in my decision making, I guess the hardest part as I google burners, will it be compatible w/model Pavilion a1130n desktop computer.

The LG H42L or H55L (that’s a link to the CDF review) may fit the bill then :slight_smile:

My choice would be the H42L because of the chipset used, but that’s just a personal preference.

Unless the casing is really unusual I see no problems fitting one into your Pavilion…I’ve fitted drives into Dells and eMachines with no problems.

Edit: I have a LiteOn LH-20A1H (PATA) LS drive, which is a good burner and does quality scanning and LightScribe…but there are newer models around