Seeking AMD FX-8150 vs AMD FX-4170 thoughts



Have person I work with who is wanting to buy AMD system for general rendering and VirtualBox.

He was wanting to go with FX-8150 and clock it to 4.2ghz from 3.6ghz full time.

Then FX-4170 came out at 4.2ghz but only go to 4.3ghz and appears to be poor overclocker.

I would lean towards him to get the FX-8150 because it is established in bios of many boards and also seem commonly able to clock to 4.2ghz and past with air cooling.

But I would ask for thoughts from others on this situation.

Thank you


The current generation of AMD FX chips have:
1- poor eficiency ( low performance / Watt )
2- Power hungry ( in special if overclocked )
3- Shared resources in L2 cache and low count of FPU. Both deteriorate the performance

Previous generation of AMD Phenom X6 surpass the FX-8150 in most tests.

I’m use various AMD systems in home and work and can only recommend old AMD platform or a similar priced INTEL I5.

New AMD FX chips will appear this year ( Vishera ). Maybe it will be better than previous generation.


Thank you for reply, but I do not think that answers the question asked.


Under normal operation, 4.2GHz is the max turbo clock when 4 cores have heavy load.
If you want to test with 4.2 GHz using all cores you will need a much better heatsink/cooler.
Most boards throttles the clock to preserve the mosfets and the cpu from overheating.


Motherboard OC would do all 8 cores at 4.2, correct?

Do you have recommendation of which chip to get?