Seek opinions on Bonk Encoder 1.0.7 & 1.0.8

I read of this audio ripper program that can also convert with the name of Bonk Encoder. It can be found here:

I would ask to you if you will please give opinions on this program. It is free and Lame 3.97 in 1.0.7 and now Lame 3.98 in 1.0.8 so it sounds to be on a good footing for ripper and converter quality.

Thank you

IMO, one of the best open source ripper/converters around. :slight_smile:

Thank you for reply

Some say of POWERAMP that is superior but I don’t think so. LAME is the most important part of encoding, yes?

So I think free interface to put LAME into is best and Bonk seems better to use than POWERAMP, I cannot figure that out and it cost moneys so if POWERAMP and Bonk use same LAME to encode, there is no advantage to POWERAMP at all then, yes?

So it is best to use Bonk instead for it is free and produce same quality of sound I think.

Thank you