SEEDS not require in bitcomet anymore?

i’ve been downlaoding using bitcomet, and clearly there is no seeders on the torrent i’m downloading right now, but yet, i watch as other leechers began to reach 100% one by one, then disappears, how is this possible? i don’t know weather i should stop or continue downloading, like i said, no seeders, but some people still get to 100%, and it’s not even due to some seeders popping in once in a while, no seeders so far.

please help me.

That just means no one has 100% of the file, but everyone on that torrent have all the difference parts that needed to complete the file. Is the torrent health over 100%? If it is, that means all the parts that made up the file are present in the torrent swarm.

awdrifter is right. It is also possible that these people reaching 100% may not actually be downloading the whole torrent; they may only have only selected certain files for download. Let me explain: I use uTorrent, which allows you to select/deselect individual files within the torrent when you add it to start downloading. I have used this feature many times when looking for a particular album that I could only find in a multi-album torrent (discography). Rather than download 5 albums I already have to get the one I don’t have, when I open the torrent I can de-select all the files I already have, thus only downloading a portion of the overall torrent. I can thereby reach 100% when I only downloaded a portion of the torrent.

<off-topic> Nice tip there Woodenhead :slight_smile: I am new to BitTorrent, and have lately switched from using eMule to uTorrent(my first BT client) and i don’t know all the ins and outs as of yet, but this tip you gave there, sure is a nice and usefull feature that i was totally unaware off. Thank’s again mate :slight_smile: </off-topic>

Another possible explanation is that the original seeder of the torrent used the feature called “super-seeding” found in certain clients.

Without going into the full, technical explanation (which you can find if you look hard enough), a “super-seeder” does not register to the tracker as a “seeder”, but basically “fakes” being a regular downloader. They have the whole file (or collection of files), but admit to it little by little. :slight_smile: Therefore it just looks like there is no seeder, but there is in fact one, and the other clients thus gradually reach their 100% completion.

Obviously, seeders are needed to keep the torrent alive after this phase has reached its conclusion (or, as already pointed out, no seeders but different clients must add up to having 100% distributed).

Interesting. I knew about superseeding, but didn’t realize they didn’t show up as a seed in the list. That really sucks, as people may think a torrent has no seeds when it does, and avoid it.

Super-seeding is intended solely for the initial seeding of a torrent, and shouldn’t be used in any other occasion. What you pointed out is one of the reasons for this.

That said, if you’re jumping on a torrent you know is newly created, you shouldn’t be too surprised if it behaves like that. I don’t know how many people actually use super-seeding though…