See all the firmware related stuff, what is the best one for 1640?

What is the best firmware for 1640? As in terms of fast burns with least errors. :slight_smile:

It’s very difficult to answer to this question.

It is related to the media that you have available. Also the same media have variations. For example, I saw in the forum scans of MCC 004 media better than mine with the same firmware I use right now.

So, the only way to answer to this question is to find by yourself.

Another important thing is that with benq 1640 you can change some options such as WOPC, OS and SB, so also these settings influence quality of media.

Finally, some firmwares give better results than other with specific media, so if you want the best quality for each media you must swap from a firmware to another for each media you use.

Right now, for media that I use and in my personal experience, the best results I have are with BSLB, but other users have different results due to media/firmware variability.

I’d put in another vote for BSLB …

I think the favorites are L or M at the moment.

BSNB was buggy and O was the fix.
BSOB is the latest but causes weird read speed dips for some people (like me)

I think M has issues with Qscan within Qsuite so if that’s important to you then you should probably go with L.

not only do you have to pick a firmware, but like someone already mentioned, SB, WOPC, and OS settings are also adjustable within Qsuite for all of these firmwares so it’s really just what works for you individually. You’ll have to do some experimenting.

I personally use BSMB with SB known/unknown on, WOPC on (off for DL media), and OS off (because I never really try to burn higher than the rated speed), but those are the settings I’ve founs that have cooperated with me. Someone else with the same system and same drive could have a different firmware or different settings that work better for them…it’s really all individual preference and minute differences in drives.

Fast burns with fewer errors is really related to the media any 1640 FW BSKB and above will give the same speed with OS and SB, having said that BSLB has given me the most consistant results so far.

Ok for now I have a 100 DVD+R Fuji Batch of Promedia 5, so what firmware best fits that media and what are the best settings in Qsuite for that media?
Thank you once again for all help.

every burner/user’s system is different. I think the consensus with all of the above posts is that you should try out different things and see what works for you.

you can check firmware support for different media codes by loading the firmware into media code speed edit which is a nifty little tool.

Another vote for BSLB.

BSLB is most consistent for me, as I found these problems (bugs) under BSOB.

There is also another variable . . . some 1640s seem to burn better than others.

exactly. every drive is different. there’s no right answer to “what are the best settings”

you have to experiment and find out what works best with YOUR drive on YOUR system with YOUR preferred media.