SED Television on display at CES 2006

I didn’t know about this.

I must say this is (for me) the most interesting information from CES 2006.

Even though it’s far away, it looks good. The best of both worlds

“SED technology touts a contrast ratio of 8600 to 1, a viewing angle of 160 degrees and 1/3 the power consumption of Plasma with a response time of 1 millisecond (un-heard of)! Much Less weight and a brilliant display not yet touched by the others”


Long time announced, it’s about time that they appear finally.

Thanks for the info.

Yeah I agree, I didn’t know about this my self but. It’s nice to see that it’s not far from real production and real producs.

This could actually get plasma and LCD to die out. Not totaly but Plasma might suffer badly.

LCD will probably still be around since it has other advantages over SED. But plasma will probably go away.

The major drawback of plasma as I see it, is the POWER cunsumption. If 300 million people used plasma, we would need additional powerplants just to power that stuff.

so where does that leave OLED technology? what happened to all of that thin as paper tv panel hubbub?

Well this might be of interest to you, a OLED keyboard. How about that for fancy gadgets.

So there is use for the technology after all.

god!!! I love that keyboard, I can’t freaking wait…but wait!!! how much??? :frowning:

truly the ultimate keyboard!!!