SED makes LCD and Plasma displays obselete

Indeed, Toshiba have announced that they will bring out their nifty new TV in March 2006.
1920x1080 panel with 100000:1 contrast ratio and <1ms response time.

Me want!!!

It’ll probably cost you several years pay though :stuck_out_tongue:
At least the first one wont be in many peoples reach.

Nice! :iagree:

<1ms response time makes for good gaming.

Indeed its basically a flat CRT. No ghosting. Hopefully they have found a way to make panels (?) without dead pixels too.

Great! Maybe now I’ll be able to afford a plasma TV! :bigsmile:

o0o0o0o pretty!


But I’m sceptic, I’ve seen more announcements which didn’t make it to reality. :frowning:

This is Toshiba, not some Phantom-game company :wink:

IGN likes SED

Sooooo … radiation from your TV is now back in Fad!

Watch out men! Your future children are at risk!