SecuromNEW why my backup won´t work

Well, I´m trying to backup my Warcraft III game and I beleive it has SecuromNew protection. All other copyprotections I can hanle, but not this one? Should I amplify weak sectors or not? Activate Regenerate option? The only problem my writer could have is that it doesn´t write bit patterns correctly. It is a VeloCD 40/12/48 CD-RW. Is it my writer that won´t let me backup SecuromNew protected Softwares?

Well, I forgot to give some details, like the model of my writer is model B and that my cloneCD version is the latest. Also I heard of successful CDMate War3 backups and that CloneCD version is better than the latest. I´m kind of lost on what to do :confused: without wasting CD-R´s. Oh and in the case of War3. I get that window that the software performed an Illegal operation and must be closed… when I try to launch War3
Thanks for the help

  1. Read the image using the securom profile provided by this forum (standard game profile will do also)

  2. Test the image file with DT (working with no emulation means you have a good image)

  3. I would not use regenerate data sectors (but you can try having it enabled/disabled - whichever worksfor you)

  4. Write using the same profile (AWS should definetely be disabled - not required for securom protection scheme)

  5. If installing/playing from your cdr drive you should have “hide cdr” (ccd tray) option enabled to get past the atip check

Also try upgrading to latest version All problems I had have disappeared with this version.

I had the same problem with…I made a perfect (the one with Clone didn’t work on some devices…) copy with Cd Mate.

Nope,the copy made with cd-Mate isn’t perfect 1:1…works on my pc with a pioneer 104s (bleah),but doesn’t with an Lg 16x dvd-rom and (I think,it’s a Olidata Compu) a LiteOn Ltd 163.


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