Securom4 Article

I think Futureproof saidit best, I found the article below. It turns out that even the companies have to order special blank media make cd’s with this protection. It is as of now (unless a fluke in some cases) uncopiable in a 1:1 manner.

So, do you think this means we can say good bye to 1:1 backups of our games? Legally, we should not have to, but that’s the way it is perhaps.

Honestly, I think it will be a brief period where we will be halted to backup our games. But economy is built on supply and demand, I think sooner or later(hopefully sooner) the forced issue of new burner technology or of new blank media will drive the public to produce one or the other. Otherwise, it would only be fair for a company to assigne unique ID’s for every single customer of theirs with a lifetime warranty replacement guarantee against everyday wear and tear and acts of god against any cd product(game or software reated) for people buying their product. This of course will cause them to spend twice the money, force them to have a backup available for every cd released, maintain a datatbase with every sale recorded…etc

It will not be cost effective and will drive anybody that attempts do so so bankrupt. I really forsee something commin gout soon to overlook this and i think in about a month a solution to securom4 and any other copy protection scheme will be available.

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