sucurom usally needs to be emulated but i found that i can burn diablo 2 with blindwrite and it is securom and i dont need to emulate cause i dont have blindwrite install on the same computer but hitman 2 has the same version of securom but needs emulation what is emulation is it inserted into the disc like how come blindwrite and alcohol 120 dont copy whatever it is into the disc. When the company makes the games which programs does it use cause i dont understand what emulation is for


Emulation is something put into the game copying programs, not the games. It allows non identicle copies (1:1) of games to run, by “tricking” it into thinking it is the original.

Diable 2 is SecuROM NEW, the later versions of SecuROM are alot harder than this to copy.

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ok man then the originals are emulated how?


They are not. Emulation only emulates the game’s original protection. An original game does not need emulation because it has it’s propietary protection already in it.



In that dictionary description it says that software is modified, methinks thats illegal?


hmmm yeah sounds like it… wonder what Tax or Philamber has to say bout it.



The software of the system that is doing the emulation is being modified. NOT the system you are trying to emulate.
For an englishman you don’t read english very well merther02