SecuROM Versions

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About 99% of people are wrong about Securom versions. There are not “Securom NEW” “newSecurom NEW”. The version of Securom is inside the file…to get this[ul][li] Open Securom protected exe with a PE editor and get RawOffset & RawSize values of the last section[*]Open the exe with an hex editor and go to offset(in hex) RawOffset+RawSize of the last section[/ul]Here you can see:

4.74.00 is the Securom Version (in SoccerManager 2K2), this is valid for 100% of Securom protected games

PS: Latest version I found is 4.77 [/B]

ok here it comes

whats an PE editor, and where can i get a free one :wink:

Plain Text Editor :wink: