SecuRom v5.X 1:1 no problem

I have a Sony CRX300E DVD/CD-RW. With Alcohol 120% I can read and burn perfect 1:1 copies of SecuRom V5 games(e.g Hitman 3), burning at 48X. ON these forums I have read a lot about Only using top of the line plextors, liteons and asus drives, burning at 2X and even then not having much success. Am I just lucky? The only thing I cannot burn is RPMS which is emulated by alcohol anyway.

Your copies are NOT 1:1 copies if you are using that burner. Even more so, if you are using alcohol 120 as it does not support the gigarec function of the plextor premium drive. Only the plextor premium can make a near 1:1 copy of securom > 4.77 ?? BUT…even these copies are not 1:1 exactly. Just because a backup works does not mean it is 1:1. Just that the trick of twinsectors fooling the drive.

Hi merv,

I think you got something wrong according Alcohol and SecuROM 4.8+. Maybe you’ll take a look here. Making a ‘1:1’ backup with your hardware is located in this thread Algohol 120%: Copying SecuROM 4.8x protected games with no emulation