Securom V5 And BlindWrite 5

Hi Lokos, I’ve Have Tried To Backup Counter Strike: Condition Zero, This Game Haves Securom V5.00.03.005, Tried To Copy It With Alcohol 120% V1.9.2 With That RMPS Thing And All The Other Stuff, But It Don’t Work, I’ve Have Recently Downloaded BlindWrite 5 And Trying To Download That BlindWrite Tweaker Program, It Is True That This Soft Can Do A Working Copy Of All The Securom Versions?..ah, My Hardware Is: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4120B A102, This One Is The Writer That I Use…Its A LG DVD Writer, It’s 4 Weeks Of Use Aged, So…I Don’t Think The Prob Is With My Hardware…


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Hmm you can try the TwinPeaks method. I have made many Securom 5 back-ups and they all work fine without any emulation. Here is my BWA aswell, you will need it.


Thanks For The BWA Man! :slight_smile: But…I Don’t Know About This BWA Files This File Contains The Code That Detects The CD-R Like An Original Doesn’t It?..But What Do I Do With It?..Simply Burn It With The BWA In The CD Image File?.. :confused:

Thanks Again Loko!

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Hi, Again Well I’ve Tried The BWA File That You Attached To Your Reply, The Image Was Patched Correctly, But At The Installation A Message Apears And Said That The CD Was Damaged :frowning: …Here Is What I’ve Do Before Patching…

A Friend Of Mine HAs This Game, And I’ve Read Mage A CD Image With Alcohol 120% With The RMPS Option Enabled, Onde Day After That I’ve Burned This Image, The Installation Was Going Cool, But At The Moment When It Asks For The CD2 I’ve Put It In My Drive But It Didn’t Detect It Whatever I Do It Didn’t Detect It, So…Theres Where I Became A Member Of CD Freaks, I Post The Uper Message And A Guy Brought Me The BWA File, But The CD Image Was In MDF/MDS Alcohol Format, And I Just Simply Opened It With Ultra ISO And REsaved It In CCD/SUB/IMG Clone CD Format I Aplied The Patch, I’ve Burned It And Get The Uper Error Message,…My Version Of Counter Strike: Condition Zero Is The Spanish Version, This Has Something To Do With The Error?..Or…The Resave Thing?.. :confused:

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Perhaps you should buy your own copy of the game.
Burning a copy of your friends CD is theft.

Yeah! Whatever You Say, I’ve Just Only Trying To Copy It Without Any Hopes, Cause The Things I Heard And Read About Securom 5, Well That Doesn’t Matter,…I Have Succesfully Installed It After Patching It Only In The Alcohol Virtual Drive :bigsmile: :bigsmile: , But I Can’t Install It If I Burn It Into A CD-R With Alcohol 120% Or Clone CD…Why The F@$@! It THAT???>… :frowning: The Installation Wizard Doesn’t Start Or Says The CD Is Damaged, So…With Which Program Or Method(RAW, DAO, BLABLABLA) Should I Burn IT? :a >… :confused:

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Install it from your original (which I’m sure you are going to purchase) then run from your backup.