SecuROM "v4.84" beginning

Just to clarifying something.
“Securom v4.84” version of the protection was tested for first time in Spain with Soccer manager (
Later, Disciples II - Dark prophecy ( continued that.
This were about three (3) months before “official” release(i took it about April or May, when everybody stated “oficially” a new version of this protection on August( i believe)). JoWood was the company that tested it and no one trusted me when i stated such thing, so, next time please be more comprensive with people that states something abnormal to everybody. Sometimes, people know more that others present in every forum.

Now that things are so calmed, please consider it.

Thanks! :wink:
AHhh, ummm one more thing, i think i found a way to copy 1:1 every Starforce version without special recorders. I’m testing it with a SD-R5002 and are using an exploit of that copyprotection found on one game (WWII- FrontLine Command)
By now, just testing and want no one to ask about nor expect success. Don’t want futile expectations. Please be patient.

Good luck!

TIP: i choosed that forum to post to avoid excessive attention on that. Think could understand.

Morglum rules!!!

Good luck with your Starforce experiments, and thanks… :wink:

i think it was SF3

I already for a long time copy this protection without problems

It’s not Safedisc v3.10. I’m sure. Starforce protection is showed before launching.
At this time of the movie, i can distinguish between Starforce and Safedisc without any problem. I succesfully copied first version of Starforce with some luck, and will do the same with the third version because it’s working better conform i progress in my experimental theory.

Good luck!

well good luck as yet there are no confirmed success stories!
ps. we can all copy sf3 ok !
problem is games just dont run afterwards!
being able to copy a disc and being able to actually use it are 2 separate issues !
perhaps our russian friend is confused with this point?
could he please let us all know what titles he has actually copied?
please believe me I want to believe him but seriously have my doubts!
I await correction.

ÎÊ! I anderstand!

games RUN afterwards!

Il-2 The forgotten battles
I of dragon
Republic: Revolution
Operation Silent Storm
Etherlords 2 (demiurgi)
Pirates of the Caribbean

In Spain this titles have:

-IL 2 Forgotten battles: Safedisc v2
-I of dragon …don’t know as i haven’t tested it yet.
-Republic - The revolution: Securom v4.84.xx.xxxx
-Operation - Silent storm: not tested yet too
-Chrome : Securom v4.84.xx.xxxx
-Etherlords 2 : not released in Spain, as yet.
-Konung2: Don’t know, need to test
-Pirates of the caribean: Haven’t got protection.

Really that games are protected with starforce in Russia??

Please, let me doubt as logicwatch said.
Good luck and sorry for our doubts.

Something ELSE?:slight_smile:

I not such fool what to write any delirium:a

To me has bothered to prove, that I not the fool:a

So then, it seems russian version of this games are protected with Starforce.
Now i would like to know if you burned such CD from an original by “1:1” CD burning software, or if you aplied some sort of cracks, patchs, or whatever you would like to call.
In the other way, it’s supossed you can run such games FROM the COPY…isn’t it?
Finally, if everything above is correct, show us.


Already better:)

no cracks, patchs, etc…though…

You do not understand? At you it is bad with hearing?


Ok, but since no one here has been able to obtain a working copy could you explain how you copied your Starforce game?


@ wersachi

You keep saying in this and other threads that you have had no difficulty in making working copies of starforce 3 protected games BUT you persistently refuse/fail to explain how you’ve done so.

As a result, everyone is more than a little skeptical. So come on, don’t be shy, tell us all how you’ve done it so that Morglum007, logicwatch and others with access to starforce 3 games can test your methods for themselves.

I find that one of the most important points of this forum is to share our findings to help ourselves and so be able to fight against these :Z protections that violate our consumer rights.

It’s very easy, Wersachi. Please, explain your strategies to defeat SF3 and after we try to replicate them by ourselves with success, we all will believe in you and we’ll be forever thankful for this.

Tell us which software, reader and burner you used… and how you use them all, and stop to cry out starforce is not a problem until you definitely prove it. Don’t misundestand me, please, I don’t pretend to offend you but asking you to get to the point.

I am getting mad, struggling with mi copy of UFO: Aftermath (in Spain: StarForce 3). I’m sorry…

Thanks in advance, Wersachi :slight_smile:

If someone tried to copy SF - for me is necessary your rescue cod and an error code (I think you know, that it)

does anybody speak russian or is willing to learn?

Boskin !

… i can PM him for you :stuck_out_tongue:

I have that codes wersachi for various games.
Do you need i post them here?
Or have built your own key generator, or don’t ask about…

TIP: Have sent a PM to you.
Feel free to ask or attend others.


Originally posted by Hemispasm

… i can PM him for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by logicwatch

does anybody speak russian or is willing to learn?
Yep. I rcvd ur mssg. What’s up ?

I do speak Russian and am willing to learn more. :bigsmile:
FlyingDutchman does it too.

Well, what can I do for you, guys ?
If there is needed a translation, feel free to drop me a line.

Speak with wersachi. He seems to have the key generator to produce keys for starforce backups.
I didn’t have that idea uOH!..xDDD

Good luck!