Securom SCSI Timing Reads (Is that what they are?)

I have been watching the CD access for a couple games that uses the new Securom protection (Civ III PTW and Lord of the Rings to be specific). I have been doing this during development of my Virtual CD program (Hekko Virtual CD) and it seems that the part of the copy protection that checks the read time for the ‘square’ sectors to see if the original disk is inserted. I have also seen lists of these sector numbers posted to enable Twin Sector writing which makes a CD’s timing match up.

How does one detect these ‘slow’ or ‘square’ sectors to make the lists? I need to detect them to know for which sectors to adjust play back speed?

Any help is much appreciated and will speed up getting Hekko Virtual CD to work for these titles.:smiley:

What do you mean how does one detect them?

On the original disc, on the copy, or on an image file?

just use blindwrite’s bwa builder

I am looking to programmatically detect them on the original CD.

Yes, you measure the read times. In the varied areas, there will be irregular times.