SecuROM read error's. Silent Huntet IV



I am really asking this on behalf of the many many people who have bought a game protected by SecuROM only to find that their DVD drive will not even read the disk to install the game. The disk appears as blank media.

In this case the game is the recently released Silent Hunter IV and I would like to be able to post a definitive answer as to whether there is any hope on the SHIV forum because so many people are struggling. UBISoft’s customer support answer is that the customer should buy another DVD Drive which is quite outrageous. Lot’s of people cannot simply do this for various reasons. Also, it would appear that many retailers (and UBI) are refusing refunds.

So my question is; Is there any way to get these Drives to read the disk in order to install the game or is the only answer to buy another drive?

As I understand it most people have tried updating their frimware.

Thanks so much in anticipation


To be true I would go to the shop where I bought the game and would change it until I’m able using it. In my own experience I never got a SecuROM DVD which my drives couldn’t read really strange never heard of this before. You already tried to create an image of the game using Alcohol or BlindWrite maybe it does the trick although this can’t be a customer friendly solution.


Thanks for the reply.

Well I don’t know. The game installed OK for me. But there have been many people posting on the official forum who have said that their drive would not read the disk at all and that it is the only game with which they have had a problem. The problem is that the shops where they bought it and UBISoft are refusing to exchange the disk.

As their drives will not even acknowledge that there is a valid DVD present I don’t think alchohol will help. It seems to me that it’s definately down to SecuROM as all other DVD’s work fine?


The reason why I asked if you already tried Alcohol or BlindWrite is that I once got I similar problem where I couldn’t read a disc via explorer but I was able creating an image. As far as I remember the disc wasn’t protected and I used ultraiso. Anyway this can’t be a solution for a paid product so it’s ubisoft’s who has to find a solution.