Securom Protected DVD games

Ok, I have looked everywhere but i cannot find anybody that has made a successful 1:1 backup of the unreal tournament 2004 SE DVD. Surely this must be possible, if not then why does portmac bother providing the bwa file on his site for ut2004? what am i supposed to do with this file? :confused:

I also have pro evolution soccer 3 which is a dvd using new securom. When i mount the image created by blindwrite5 into daemon tools 3.46 i get the error message saying Autorun cannot be started. error : autorun.xml load…

I have tried using the newest blindwrite tweaker but this seems to make no difference, what ever i specify it always does the same thing and does the topology scan. I think it must not work with the latest blindwrite.

If anyone has any clue how to make a 1:1 copy of securom protected DVDs with Blindwrite, please let me know,


I have also noticed that on pro evolution soccer 3, the size of the dvd according to ‘My Computer’ is 2.85GB while Blindwrite’s image of it is only 667MB. Strange…

i have tried all ways with all options and no success… maybe on a future release of BW or Alcohol this can be possible.
can be the way of image are writed because the BW image work when mounted on DTools.

It seems that the “Autoplay v5”-emulation of Blindwrite is blacklisted.

Newer versions of Blindwrite5 and Alcohol 120% should bring success.