secuROM *New vs. secuROM *New (4/5)


I am going to burn Unreal Torunament 2004, as most already know it has secuROM on it. All the threads that I have found on this site about burning this game are quite old. Those threads recommend that I use Alcohol 120% to make a ccd image with the profile secuROM *New, then use twinpeaks for the last step, but there is also the secuROM *New (4/5) profile in Alcohol. Will I get a better copy if I use the *New (4/5) profile? Will I need emulation or a twin creator? (Note that with that profile you cannot make a ccd image, only mds). And I was also wondering, in the downloadable manual “The CD Freaks Offline Help Guide Release 1” it says that using Clone CD for secuROM is a little bit better than Alcohol, why is that?