SecuROM *new* V and 96-bytes subchannel

Hi everyone!

I am a newbie here, been peeking for 1-2 days. I found this site because all my search results on Google linked me here. I’ve been searching your forums, but haven’t been able to find the answer yet.

I have a CD I want to back-up (Monte Cristo’s Start-Up). ClonyXXL said it uses SecuROM new V In this computer I only have a formerly external 4x CD-RW (Philips PCRW404). I’ve only tried the normal drivers. If I want to copy this disc, will my CD-RW be enough? CloneCD says my drive doesn’t support 96-bytes subchannel data. (Probably read-only, BTW) I’ve also got an internal Philips CDRW52xx, but not able to use it right now. I’ve tried copying the disc with CloneCD, and they worked once, but all other times they failed. I have used various settings, including those found in the profiles on this forum. I don’t like to use emulation software, although I’ve tried it… Alcohol 120% couldn’t read the… err… DPMS? I mean the read-times of the various sectors.

I’ve got Windows 98 SE, IE6 no SP;
I have also got Easy CD Creator 4, which I have not used here;
I only used CD-R media for copying this disc.

Can anyone at least tell me my drive is (not) capable of copying this disc? If I do have to use the CDRW52xx it will only take some time.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post!

Since u have external philips 4x cdrw drive , it is very old and will not break the latest copy protections . try to use ur philips 52xxxx drive and get back to us . if u use search function in our forum for ur search item , i am sure u will find a lot of threads relating to it and also many tutorials r found here .

That’s exactly what I want to try, but the computer in which that CD-RW is in only has 2GB HD [EDIT: of which less than 300MB free space] space. I’ve got only one optical drive in it. I DO have some CD-ROMs lying around, but then I first have to check which ones are working. I was hoping there would be a solution for my old CD-RW, then I wouldn’t need to use my old one. Oh well, thanks for your reply.