Securom New *new*

Will it be copied to disc (and working) by Alcohol in the near future ?

Anyone knows… ???


Yes, the Alcohol team


Until it becomes a built in feature of Alcohol. You can use Alcohol to create a CCD image, Twinpeaks to add twinsectors to the image via a BWA file, and Alcohol to burn the modified image. Worked like a champ when I burned a copy of UT2003.

I have made a good copy with Blindwrite Suit but I like Alcohol better…

alcohol for ripping and bw for Securom4.8 writing worked for me

It would help me (and I guess others too) a bit more if you gave information about what you’ve used as reader and writer.

You can backup securom 4.8x using any cd-rom as reader and any cd-rw as writer. Use alcohol datatype securom 4.8x, enable rmps emulation.

i can’t find the securom 4.8x profile in Alcohol!

i downloaded the trail version from the alcohol site.

what’s wrong?

Use the SecuRom NEW (v4x). Don’t forget to burn RMPS and enable the RMPS emulation.