SecuROM new halfway defeated

Those guys of that new program: Alcohol are doing a good job!!

Where now halfway, just one step and we can make 1:1 copies!

Does anyone know what is needed to copy such a dumped working image from a hardrive to CD?

at least half is better than none.

Am I correct in saying that they only did this successfully by emulation. A true 1:1 copy still hasn’t been made my Alcohol 120%.
According to their site, 120% can do both emulation and copying cds, so I am guessing that they still have work to do on it before being able to beat the protection and do a 1:1 copy.

You’re correct. The beta that can run an image from an alcohol virtual drive can’t do a 1:1 backup. It also can’t copy safedisc 2.8x so, yes, there’s plenty of work to do.

Really they can’t copy Safedisc 2.8xx?? CloneCD can do it with right writers (like Liteons)!
Anyway…let’s hope that Olli or Alcohol’s team will find a solution for a copy on a cdr that doesn’t need to be emulated!

Originally posted by Fr4nz
CloneCD can do it with right writers (like Liteons)!

No it can’t. Whilst there have been one or two isolated successes in copying sd 2.8x cds with with clonecd and Liteys, for the main part Liteys have failed. In fact, only the 48x Asus writer is reported to have been reasonably reliable in copying sd 2.8x with clonecd.

Mmmhh, strange…I’ve copied successfully Mafia which is sd 2.8…or is it a previous version?
Anyway…it’s possible to copy 2.8 with DDump and burnatonce combo, isn’t it?

Mafia is safedisc 2.7x. As for safedisc 2.8x, results with burnatonce are patchy, some successes and some failures. However, both discdump/fireburner and discjuggler work reliably with Lite-on writers.

From what I read on Alcohol Software’s web site, you can only use an “image” with a MDS file to mount the new securom 4.8 game.

Because the new protection is measuring the distance between sectors, it is not currently possible to make a physical copy or 1:1 burn with this protetion.

A possible workaround would be to burn Alcohol’s MDS/MDF image onto a CD and mount directly from the CD drive. This way you can install and play the game on any PC, provided that it has Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools installed first.

Here is what I need clarification on…

Daemon tools can emulate SD and Securom for both a imperfect 1:1 CD backup and a image file. Can Alcohol 120% do the same? Or is it’s emulation abilities strictly limited to the image file? Can anyone shed some light on this?