SecuRom *NEW* 4.? Vice City

I was trying to make a backup of my Vice City with alcohol %120, heres what I tried.

Image Making w/ securom 4.X set
and I also tried burning with the same settings, I was wondering if Alcohol was even able to burn SecuRom image files?

Any insite on how I can make this work? I want to stay away from Daemon Tools and any other software. What do you guys think?

Worked for me using Securom 4.x new settings ok. The install disc was recognised by Clony XXl as being securom new V, but the play disc was not recognised as having any protection on it; and only found some corrupt areas on the disc after a search. Had to use the securom setting to enable workable backup.

if you dont want to have to use some form of emulation you need to build a BWA file and use it with twinpeaks to patch the cd image. philambers guide at the top of this forum gives the details on how to do this with alcohol 120.

Please follow this RMPS walkthrough

Or use this method if you want a copy that will run (on most devices) without alcohol or daemon tools installed.