Securom mini-image?

Is there a guide for this? I’ve never read anything about mini-images for Securom, but I did find one of Warcraft III on a website so I know this is possible.

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I dont think this is possible as Securom (latest versions) reads the whole disk for the “position” of the data. Safedisc mini images work because the protection is at the start of the disk. If you are pushed for hard drive space, try Game Jackal. GJ supports nearly all Securom games.


@ghosted You say you found a Warcraft 3 one. Where is this, just out of interest as SecuROM mini images can’t be done??


Yes you can ‘make’ Securom MI but its not that easy to make on

Never heard of this method can you be a bit more precise R!Co?

I think you would have to manually remove the data you did not need from the full image with a hex editor.

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Dam if thats true, then it would take ages! Not worth it in my mind.


Well, thats the only way I know, stoping Alcohol reading after the DPM measurement has taken place doesnt seem to work.

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It can be done, Its not that hard… i have done it, took about 5 mins, and a copy of the game. :slight_smile:

If you need one that works for both games. Hit me up,

You should read the Rules regarding Mini-images

I have,

And for the record, i simply provided my email address, not a link to a direct download… so, how about this instead… if you need to know how to make a mini image… private message me on this here forums, that will then redirect to my email, and ease portmac’s forum nazi finger. :slight_smile: meh its easy actually

Take your cd, use alcohal, turn it to custom, check ignore disk read errors, start the record until it gets about 5, then cancel, dont delete the image, and use it.

In my experiance with wc3, only the original disk would work, but it worked for both, apparently securom reads the bad sectors, and thats it…

Offering your mini-images is just as bad…and if you bothered to look there is a tutorial on making Mini-Images in the CD Backup Guides and Tutorials section.