Securom Maxi-Image Builder

I’ve tried to find any reasonable tool for creating a maxi-image for securom, but i found nothing at all. So, i’ve tried to create tool to solv my problem.

If someone interested in it - it is available at

It is very simple in use - in general you only have to input input and output .mdf (yeah, it works with Alcohol images :slight_smile: ).

Also “Real data from start” and “Real data from end” are available to configure, for example - to ensure that autorun executable on your maxi-image is correct.

Software was tested on Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and Titan Quest, it works great.

Notice 1: don’t forget to use ntfs compression on your maxi-images
Notice 2: it is also needed to use Daemon Tools and antisecurom to launch games using your maxi-image
Notice 3: don’t forget to take your input images from legally bought software :cop:

Thank you very much for that tool.

Thanks for the tool I’ll give it try.

hey DKtigra does your software create a mini image only from Alcohol images??
Also, does the mini image incorporate the ‘physical characteristic’ of the cd in which SecUrom deciphers to start a game?

Partycally right. But it creates an MAXI-image, not MINI. So if you don’t have at least one NTFS partition with compression enabled, it gives you nothing.

Also, does the mini image incorporate the ‘physical characteristic’ of the cd in which SecUrom deciphers to start a game?

That’s right. Alcohol image consists of two files: for example “MyDump.mdf” and “MyDump.mds”. If maxi image creator can find both of files - maxi image is created from .mdf and .mds is just copied from input image to output image. You also need to choose only .mdf file for input.

I hate to sound like a noob, but I are one… :slight_smile:

I have Titan Quest (original CDs).

I assume this tool helps me avoid having to have the original CD in the drive to play the game?

If so, can someone please point me to directions on how to accomplish this?


the link is broken TT

Link works fine here.

where can i download the Securom or safedisc please send me the link at

You cannot, SecuRom and SafeDisc are copy protections and not something you can download.
You can always buy said protections for your CD/DVD’s, see Here and Here , but it wont be cheap.

hello , ive try this nice program on recent SecuROM version like 7.29 or 7.30 and it doesnt seems to work :frowning: anyone can help ? have a clue ? :wink:

i used a clone that i’ve made myself ! (Maelstrom) .
Scanning -> C:\Program Files\Codemasters\Maelstrom\Maelstrom.exe
File Type : Exe, Size : 17371136 (01091000h) Bytes
-> Suspicious MZ Header…
[!] SecuROM Detected - Version 7.30.0013

My clone works fine with YASU1.07 and latest DT4.08.
but when i try to make a Maxi-image of this game , the MXI doesnt work :frowning:
maybe if the author could do a little update or if someone have an idea , that would be nice :wink:
thanks ,

ps : Maxi-image are still made from latest securom game (gamecopyworld) , so they must be a way :slight_smile:

Starting with version 7.27 Sony uses a small, varying ISO check; every gamestart one of ten sectors gets checked (the check of one day will be used in 10 days again), and they’re spread over the media.

yeah i know , i’ve seen your post Securom DVD “maxi”-image creation with BW5Tweaker , and your Note: starting with version 7.29 Maxi Images can’t be created anymore with this method as Sony know uses a small, varying ISO check.
But maxi image are still made and working , just have a quick look on gcw , there is are maxi image for every latest securom game (Freak Out: Extreme Freeride , Supreme Commander ,UFO: Afterlight) all are securom 7.30+
all done by the same guy poseden , i really wonder how he do it ? :slight_smile:
so maybe yu have an idea how to :slight_smile:

I’ve sent a PM with a short guide

Looks like Securom has dropped ISO check and some Blacklistings; at least with Rainbow Six Vegas 1.04 (7.30.0015) a simple Mini Image is enough,
no Y.A.S.U. required.

Yup maybe , and even on Supreme Commander (7.30.0014) a Mini Image is also enough :slight_smile: and Y.A.S.U 1.07 is not required .

Thread sticked. Thanks for the update Terramex and youtuby I have to get a SecuROM 7.3+ game in the near future.

Hi all. DKTigra, thanks for the tool. I have a couple of questions, if that’s oaky. First of all, I used this with a securom 7.0.x game, everything seemed to work. However, the image is the same size as the original alcohol mdf file; I compressed the folder containing the maxi-image. Do I need to compress the entire drive or a separate partition? Also, I’m unsure about the ‘real data from start’ and real data from end’. Should I configure this? I have no idea how.

Thanks again. Looking forward to your reply.