Securom Maxi-Image Builder (By DKTigra)

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I’ve tried to find any reasonable tool for creating a maxi-image for securom, but i found nothing at all. So, i’ve tried to create tool to solv my problem.

If someone interested in it - it is available at

It is very simple in use - in general you only have to input input and output .mdf (yeah, it works with Alcohol images :slight_smile: ).

Also “Real data from start” and “Real data from end” are available to configure, for example - to ensure that autorun executable on your maxi-image is correct.

Software was tested on Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and Titan Quest, it works great.

Notice 1: don’t forget to use ntfs compression on your maxi-images
Notice 2: it is also needed to use Daemon Tools and antisecurom to launch games using your maxi-image
Notice 3: don’t forget to take your input images from legally bought software :cop: