Securom issue

MY name is Frank. Im a retired Sgt from the US Army. I was wounded so I play alot of games now. LOL. Anyway I did something stupid and now Im paying the price. I used Daemon tools and now anytime I try to play a game(just bought Warhead) My disc wont even read. All other games work except Securom games. I have since removed Dt from my computer and the issue remains. The problem seems to be more with EA. BF2 works but Crysis and kane and lynch dont. And They will install on my daughters pc no problem. Is there a way to move the data from hers to mine? Anyway thanks for your time and any suggestions are welcome. I pasted this from the welcome forums, Sorry if I overdid the

Daemon Tools uses something called SPTD which is an access layer similar to ASPI used by Adaptec or SPTI made by Microsoft. SPTD is not removed from your computer when you uninstall Daemon Tools, and it may be what is causing the protection schemes in your games to have their little hissy fits.

This page shows two methods to deal with SPTD. You can alter the registry setting for SPTD, or you can download the install program for SPTD and hit the Uninstall option. If you decide to edit the registry, be careful and only adjust this one setting.

u shouldn’t put up with this s#!t man, boycott paying for games untill they stop putting DRM in them. In the meantime just grab the games off bittorrent then you won’t have to worry about DRM because it’s all removed and you are free to use the game however you wish

If you want to completely remove SecuROM after uninstalling this game, including the ‘SecuROM User Access’ Service it installs in Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall the game as normal.
  2. Manually delete the game directory (typically \Program Files\xxxx\xxxx\
  3. Go to Start>Run and type “Services.msc” (without quotes) and press Enter.
  4. Go to the ‘Securom User Access’ Service, double click on it, click Stop and then set it to Disabled.
  5. Go to \Windows\System32\ directory and delete the UAService7.exe file.
  6. Go to Start>Run and type “sc delete useraccess7” (without quotes) and press Enter.
    Note: This Service may be recreated by one of your other SecuROM games, in which case you will have to keep it running to play them.
    The following steps are very risky and only for people who are certain none of their currently installed games use or need SecuROM:
  7. Go to \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ and delete the SecuROM sub-directory.
  8. Go to Start>Run and type “Regedit” (without quotes) and press Enter. Then find the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SecuROM] key and delete it if possible.
    There is no guaranteed removal method - each new SecuROM game may have additional secuROM files/folders which may require specific manual instructions for removal.

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Thanks yall. Its still giving me shit. I exchanged it for 2 other copies at Best Buy and none will read. All attempts to fix this have failed. Im gonna have to pirate it to play it. Ive also talked to Securom and their clueless operators. At least all remnants of Securom have been removed from my Machine. I bitched and Best Buy is gonna let me get a different game so ill find something else. Thanks again for yalls help and suggestions.