Securom improved?

I think Olli will have to investigate this latest version of Securom, which seems to cause some troubles… :smiley:
( I was referring to Securom used on Hotel Giant,Neverwinter Nights and so on)… Unfortunately this protection is much spread and it’s a problem if Clone doesn’t work… even the lIteon looks like to have problems.
Ps: I wanted to reply to another post not write a new thread.
Btw check


jepp :wink: got the same probs… but not with neverwinter nights. only with industrie gigant, hotel gigant and the new game arx fatalis all three games are from jowood. olli now its your turn to improve clonecd :wink:

Hmm maybe I should get that Neverwinter Nights game to test some things myself. Is it any good?

yes the game is good hehe, some people call it the game of the year :wink:

G@M3FR3@K dunno if they have Electronic Boutique or Game in the Netherlands, but if they do, you can buy it, test it out and return within 10 days of purcahse for a full refund … Just a thought :slight_smile:

test it on warcraft 3 :smiley:


This applies to all the above stores plus their affiliates…they do NOT allow returns now of open software. Next time you are in the store look at the return policy (or the back of their receipt, possibly)…opened software will only be exchanged for the same item. EB and Babbages (and their affiliates) have not had the opened return policy for at least 6 months or so. Maybe you have some odd store in your area that hasn’t updated yet, but here in the South Florida area all of them have had the new policy for a while.


Nope, we still have the full no quibble guarantee here in the UK … Took Next Generation Tennis back this weeks as it was utter C***

Maybe its just in USA at the moment?

i live in the south west florida area and babbages return policy is unlimited exchanges within 7 days, plus your money back i know this sounds toi good to be true but it is, i had 6 exchanges within 7 days, i live close to my mall LOL. Boutique will let you exchange 1 time only then your stuck but there is ways of beating this policy… my secret :wink: