SecuROM : I need professional help!

What I want to know is how does SecuROM 7 really work.This is what I think:
The game executable contains a call to SecuROM software requesting it to check the digital signature written on CD/DVD in a different way than the standard ISO (encoded). That’s why when you try to copy a Copy Protected CD/DVD in *.iso format it doesn’t work, and you have to use *.cue or *.mds which reads both written parts: standart ISO(data) and the encoded part (digital signature).
Now comes the hard part, SecuROM checks if the CD/DVD it’s really a CD/DVD by verifying if there is any Software Emulation Tool used, with a blacklist, and hat’s why you have to use YASU, SR7.Stop, etc in order to stop it being detected by SecuROM.

Am I right? Am I missing something? Is there any other complicated process ?

Please help to fully understand how it really works !

waiting on answer

Securom v.4.8x/5.x/7.x protected cds and dvds are pressed onto media that aren’t standard compliant cds and dvds. This causes slight delays in reading the affected parts of the disc. The basic protection used by the securom guard module is to check that part of the disc that is so affected. That is why with an image mounted on a virtual drive data position measurement and emulation of the affected areas is required for a mounted image to work.

Secondary protections included in the guard module are blacklistings of numerous known virtual drive programs and, in many cases, a blacklisting of scsi roms where ide roms are detected on the system.

So this is means:
Unprotected discs, SafeDisc protecteds, SmartE protecteds and others are standart and not special cds. From this point of view dpm datas of these cds are the same. But dpm data included cds (ie securom) are special made cds. Am i right?..