Securom & DVDs


I’m trying to backup Silent Hill 3 (DVD, Securom 4.85). I’m using the BWA from portmac’s site + bw5.

None of the backups work, but my question is this: Is the booktype important? Does the protection detects a dvd+r and “flags” it as backup? I’m asking this cause my writer doesn’t support bitsetting and I’m thinking maybe this is one of the reasons.

Thanks in advance.

hi all…how to copy silent hill 3 and other dvd protections is simple i suspect…i copied silent hill 3 using blindwrite and a liteon dvd combo cdrw (LITE-ON COMBO LTC-48161H) and perfect copy !!!..leave all settings in blindwrite to defaults and automatic profile…i loaded the image using daemon v346 and worked without patches or cracks…
my guess is its the software, as i also used Alcohol 120% 1.9.2, Nero 6.3, Easy CD 6, and other software but blindwrite done the job.
if this game can be copied which has one of the toughest protection then most others can.


DVDs with protections are not copiable at the moment.
DVD burners dont have the correct software to do this at the moment.

@oldmanemu : mounting a securom protected game on a virtual drive always work, even for dvd games.

Theorically, every DVD reader can report if the disc is a pressed dvd, a dvd-r, dvd+r, etc… Safedisc on DVD checks for it. I don’t know if securom does, but anyway when it checks for the sector density variations it doesn’t find any on the copy and so it refuses to launch the game.

If a protection were to check booktype and/or adip, I’m certain that any cd burning/emulation app could be easy exteneded to hide this info - it’s just a matter of time.

Well, I’m asking this because I can’t even install the game from the backup. It gives an error: “MSI Installer could nt find file D:\xxx.yyy” (xxx.yyy is just a made-up name, I dont recall the real name).

Problem is that the file IS there, and can be read/copied perfectly, so it’s not a write error.

Securom DVD with Blindwrite 5.15+Daemon tools 3.46? Explain me that please because I can not get to work ISSproevol. 3 and silent hill 3. I use both theorical perfect BWA files to emulate with DT3.46 but there is no manner to run those games

I copied silent hill 3 using the dvd cdrw (liteon) as mentioned, using blindwrite and installed the full game with movies on hd and also without movies, i didnt mount any image to play game, and it worked ok…with or without the image loaded it still works with a copy of the dvd…dunno why…but on what i have read the game shouldnt be working because there is no way to copy the protection…so i dont know…maybe there is none on the dvd game…but when i run clony 2015 it picks up securerom 4.5 etc…

my email is: and i live in aus…so anyone wanna ring me they can…no secrets here…if i can help i will…but silent hill 3 copy works perfect…the game works without the cd as well…


me again…to all who think that i wasnt successful in copying the dvd, try to do as i did…use a liteon dvd reader cdrw (not a dvd burner) then mount the image…put daemon 346 on with the mounted image and all emulations on and try it…i havent made a copy to dvd yet…just put the image on then loaded it…thats it…i just hope someone else has luck like me…it works without daemon on as well and no image loaded…
i love this forum…its great…can help people and they listen and read…i thought no one would read my posts…


hi parker,

me new to this forum, but its great…i dont know why the image i made is ok…i had luck with other images also…like unreal tournament 2004…used alcohol tho…1.9.2…u may know this tho…i just a beginner here as well…

thanks for reading my posts and replying…


We know that creating and mounting an image works. The problem (in this thread and many others) is that ATM there’s no way of creating a succesful dvd backup.

Try burning your working image and you’ll find out that once written on a dvd, the backup fails to work.



I do not say you are not saying the true. My question,simply, was curiosity. I will try that you are telling. Thanks :slight_smile:

My secondary problems is that some images of securom dvd mounted on DT3.46 do not work, and I do not know why. :wink:

ok…u mite be rite but i was under the impression the problem was burning the dvd to image with the protection…in theory tho…if u use the same software to burn the dvd it should work ??..

anyway…i just trying to help…


@Parker : Do you mean that you get a “emulation software detected” or “timed out” message ? Securom 5.xx changed a bit the way it checks the CD/DVD to make the difference between a real CD and a virtual CD in a virtual drive. This can be defeated by mounting the image over a network, just like starforce… (anyway it worked for me)