SecuRom DVD Problems :a

I bought the new Tomb Raider Legend for PC on DVD and have been having many headaches trying to play this game.

After installing I get the usual “insert orginal disk instead of a copy”. Did the whole analysis thing with SecuRom and they sent me a new “exe” file. That only created Windows problems. Did the analysis thing again and they sent me the SAME file, which of course did not work. On a desperate hunch, I returned the game to Gamestop and they gave me a new copy. Again, got the “insert original disk” message after installing. Did the entire SecuRom analysis again with the same results as above. Sent them another message and that came back as “fatal error message” with their server.

Called Eidos Tech Support and they suggested I turn off hardware acceleration for my sound card (SB Audigy) in Direct X 9.0. They also suggested that I copy the disk to my hard drive and run it from there. Did that with no success either (same “insert original disk, blah, blah, blah”).

Found this forum (which is TERRIFIC!) and ran the tests on my DVD (which I’m proud to say is a “3 Sheep”!). Downloaded and installed Alcohol 120% and followed the instructions for creating an emulated copy of the disk. Now I get error message (something like) “timed out while trying to read disk - try again?”. Took disk out, reinserted and tried 3 more times (as the tutorial suggested). No luck! :sad:

I am at absolutely my wit’s end! I don’t know what else to do to get this stupid game to run!

Can anyone give me a suggestion or help on this? :confused: