Securom DVD "maxi"-image creation with BW5Tweaker

Note: for some titles Maxi Images can’t be created anymore with this method since version 7.27 as Sony now uses a small, varying ISO check.

  • Start BW5Tweaker 1.5.6 and choose ‘Read’ as ‘Start Page’, then go to ‘Advanced Settings’

  • ‘Add’ Gap Zone: From sector 17 to the last sector of your Securom DVD

  • If you already have a valid B5T file, you can skip Topolgy extraction by choosing ‘Never Extract’ at the ‘Read Topolgy’ setting

  • Click on ‘Run BlindWrite’, choose source and destination, then start the (short) image creation with ‘Read’

  • Activate Windows compression for the main image file(s) (rightclick on the folder/file and select Properties->Advanced button, then check the box beside “Compress contents to save disc space”); compressed files use some KB up to 1-2 MB HDD space (HDD has to be formated in NTFS format to be able to use Windows compression)

  • Mount image with latest Daemon Tools lite/PRO or Alcohol 52%/120% (depending on Securom version it’s neccessary to use a Antiblacklist tool like YASU)


  • If your drives aren’t capable of extracting valid topologies with BW5, you can mount your “gap image”, and read it with Alcohol 120% (of course without D.P.M. which has to be done with original DVD)

The Tweaker can’t be used for Blindwrite 6 anymore. In this case you have to use a custom profile.
Create a new txt-document in BW’s profile folder (Program files\VSO\Blindwrite 6\profiles), paste this:

profilename=SecuROM maxi
gap_zone_1=[17..[i]last sector[/i]]

…and save document as e.g. Maxi.ini
Now start Blindwrite 6 and choose the SecuROM maxi profile to create your Maxi image.